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Waste Reduction Week

​​​​​Waste Reduction Week 2016 - October 17-23

​Ever wonder where your waste goes? Join us on Saturday, October 22, 2016, from 10am-4pm for an exciting behind-the-scenes tour of the Waste & Recycling Centre to see how your waste is managed, and what you can do to reduce waste to extend the life of the landfill.

Get up close and personal with site tours on the Sheer Insanity monster truck or a more leisurely ride aboard a shuttle bus where tour guides will explain the work that happens at the Waste & Recycling Centre, including areas normally off-limits to the public.

There will be also be many activities for the whole family, including games, a food truck, displays about waste diversion options and information on how different recyclable materials are processed and managed right here in Lethbridge. Visitors will also have a chance to explore machinery used at the landfill and for waste collection. Kids will have the chance to get inside and try using the automated arm on the waste collection vehicles to "take out the trash!"​

Registration for the tours is now full.

What is Waste Reduction Week?

​​​Held each year during the third week of October, Waste Reduction Week engages and empowers Canadians to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. As the first step in "The 3 R's" - reduction is a key strategy in responsible waste management.​


​How can I take action to reduce the waste I create?

​​​​​There are many easy ways that you can reduce waste everyday. From bringing your own reusable mug to using cloth shopping bags, there are small things you can do that will add up to reduce the waste you create!

For example, if you used your own mug for your daily coffee or tea instead of a disposable cup​, it would reduce 10 lbs of waste over the course of a year.

 You can also focus on purchasing used or recycled products rather than new ones to use less raw materials in the production process, creating less waste in the end. Websites like Freecycle and Kijiji, or local publications like the Lethbridge Shopper​ are great places to find used items at bargain prices!

What City of Lethbridge programs can help me reduce waste?

​​​​We have a variety of programs that encourage waste reduction. See the links below for more information on each program:

Backyard Composting

Fall Leaf Collection


Christmas Tree Collection

Recycling Stations

Reuse Rendezvous

Yard Waste Recycling

Find more tips and tricks to reduce waste here:

Recycling Council of Alberta

Waste Reduction Week Canada​

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