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Fall Leaf Collection

What Is the Fall Leaf Collection Program?

​The program is run during October and November. It provides for two passes through residential neighbourhoods to collect leaves in paper yard waste bags. For other yard waste materials, please use the Yard Waste Recycling Site or the Waste and Recycling Centre.

How are the Leaves Collected?

Step 1: What day of the week is your garbage collected? Find out what your leaf collection day symbol is here:

If your waste collection day falls on:
Tuesday, your collection weeks are -->

Wednesday, your collection weeks are -->

Thursday, your collection weeks are --> 

Friday, your collection weeks are ---> 

Step 2: Now, find your leaf collection day on the calendar. Each household has one in October and one in November. Bag your leaves in paper yard waste bags before this day (available for purchase at local retail stores - see below).

​Only paper yard waste bags are accepted for the program. This allows for composting. Bags may weigh up to 10kg (25lbs) each

Step 3: Place your leaves out by 7:00 am on the Monday of the week ​where your leaf is on the calendar. Place your bags in the area where your garbage is normally collected, at least 3 feet from the cart. Your leaves will be collected in the following days during that week. Thanks for your patience!

​How can I guarantee pick up?

  • Have leaf bags out by 7:00 am on the Monday of your leaf collection week

  • Check the weight - sod, soil, or stumps do not belong and will not be collected
  • Close the tops - they should roll closed if not overfull

Oops! If we miss your bags, please call the Waste & Recycling Hotline at 403-329-7367.

Where Can Paper Yard Waste Bags be Purchased?

  • Canadian Tire - 2720 Fairway Rd. S., 394-9633
                                  1240 2 Ave. A. N., 320-6191
  • Home Depot -  3708 Mayor Magrath Dr. S., 331-3575
  • Home Hardware - 30-550 University Dr. W., 320-5800
  • London Drugs - 110-905 1st Ave. S., 320-8899   
  • Safeway -  2750 Fairway Plaza Rd. S., 320-8433
  • Save on Foods - 1112 2A Ave. N., 380-6000
  • Sobeys - 327 Bluefox Blvd. N., 320-5154
  • Rona - 2260 32 St. S., 381-9000
  • Walmart - 3195 26 Ave. N., 380-6722
There are a number of options for residents to manage their leaves in addition to the Residential Fall Leaf Collection Program.  Residents may choose to mulch their leaves, backyard compost them, take them to the Yard Waste Recycling Site (free for residents) or the Waste and Recycling Centre (fees will apply).