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Career Opportunities

Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Will Want to Work at the City of Lethbridge

1)  You get to contribute to the community you live, work and play in
      • We take pride in our community-focus
      • We love our small town atmosphere and big city amenities
2)  You are part of a team that embraces new ideas and leads innovative initiatives
      • We excel at partnering with other organizations to make opportunities a reality
3)  You’ll participate in awesome training opportunities
      • We want employees to reach their full potential.  This means investing in their learning
4)  You’ll work in a multi-disciplinary environment 
      • Our 36 different business units make this a great place to grow your career
      • We always have an amazing variety of projects on the go. You’ll never get bored
5)  You are part of an organization that believes in work/life balance
      • We support alternative work week arrangements for our employees
      • We encourage healthy living with our wellness programs
6)  You’ll know safety matters here
      • Our employees have the right “tools” to get the job done
7)  Your salary, vacation and benefits are competitive
       • We take financial security and the well being of our employees seriously
8)  You get to work in one of the warmest and most sun-filled locations in Canada
      • We can’t say anything more about that!
9)  You’ll work with amazing people
     • We are friendly, encouraging, and believe in supporting one another
10)  You’ll be part of a team that values:
      • Integrity and Trustworthiness
      • Creativity in Providing Solutions
      • Collaboration and Relationships
      • Accountability for our Actions

Why would you want to work anywhere else?



Contacting Us

You can reach a  member of our Human Resources Team by:

Phoning: 403-320-3911
Our fax number is: 403-320-9369
Our Mailing Address is:
Human Resources,
6th Floor, City Hall
910 4th Avenue South
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1J 0P6