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Snow and Ice Control

Keeping Lethbridge on the move in winter

Each winter, City of Lethbridge Transportation Operations staff provide winter snow and ice control services to keep motorists safely on the move.  
These services are provided according to a City Council-approved Snow and Ice Control Policy priority system. Snow and Ice Control priorities are determined based on the following criteria:
  • Traffic speed
  • Topography
  • Traffic/pedestrian volumes

These priorities are reviewed and updated annually. Click on the links below to see the various road maps for:

TIP: You can help us keep winter roads in your neighbourhood safer by piling snow from your driveway or sidewalk onto your property, not on the road.

Winter Driving Conditions Short Video

Winter Driving Tips 

We are fortunate to have gentle winters in our region.  As a result, not everyone remembers to modify their driving in the winter in order to drive safely.
There are many Winter Driving Tips that can help you drive safely this winter: 
  • Slow down and leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you
  • Remember to look ahead to identify and prepare for dangerous situations before you reach them
  • When driving down hills such as Whoop-Up Drive or Bridge Drive, shift down a gear before you descend and let your engine help prevent you from picking up speed so you don't have to apply the brakes suddenly to slow down
  • Please leave plenty of room for our snow plows, graders and sanding trucks.  Don’t pass plows or graders while they are working. If you give us room to work, we can get the job done faster for you! 
Ice Control is conducted as necessary to improve traction and is based on pavement temperature and atmospheric conditions. We have pre-treating capability to our sanding trucks so that the sand and salt we apply to the roadways will be more effective under varying weather and road conditions.
Our City snow and ice control fleet consists of the following:
(controlled by the Transportation Operations department)
  • 6 Tandems with Sanders and Front Snow Plows
  • 3 Tandems with Sanders, Front Snow Plows and Side Wing Plows
  • 2 Tandems with Sanders, Anti-icing Capabilities and Front Snow Plows
  • 2 - 3 Ton Single Axle Trucks with Sanders
  • 2 Graders
  • 2 Front End Loaders
  • 1 Front End Loader with Plow
  • 1 2 Ton Single Axle Truck with Plow and Sander
  • 2 Snow Blowers

Sidewalk & Pathway Maintenance (Controlled by Parks Operations):

  • 4 - 4 wheel drive mowers with broom and blade attachments
  • 1 tractor with snow blade
  • 3 truckster with snow blade
  • 2 skid steer loaders with snow bucket, brooms and blades.
  • 4 back pack snow blowers
  • 2 snow blowers
  • Various 3 ton, 1 ton, crew cab, and ½ ton trucks c/w trailers as required

*Note: Trucks to haul snow are contracted and used as/when necessary.  In addition, various pieces of heavy equipment with operators are available on a contractual basis.  A tender is prepared yearly by the Public Operations Account Support Technician of available contractors with various equipment.

Hours of Operation

  • Shifts are scheduled for maximum maintenance coverage throughout the winter months
  • Dedicated staff are on a winter storm watch shifts providing 24-hour coverage, 7 days per week

For more information, click on the links below: