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  1. Adult Fares
  2. Post Secondary Fares
  3. Youth Fares
  4. Senior Fare
  5. Breeze Card Expiration & Replacement
  6. Tickets & Passes Sales Locations
  7. Public Transit Tax Credit
Lethbridge Transit Bus Fares
​Breeze Card Fee (new & replacement)​$5.00
​5 Years & Under (accompanied by fare paying passenger) ​​
​Blind Patrons (with CNIB card)​​FREE​
​​Cash Fare (exact fare required)​$3.00​
​​10 Rides$22.50​​
​​Monthly Pass​$77.00​​
​​Day Pass$7.50​​
​Semester Pass*​$289.00​​

* Semester Pass can only be purchased at the University, College, City Hall & Transit Office locations.

​Cash Fare (exact fare required)$3.00​
​​10 Rides​$21.00​​
​​Monthly Pass​$62.00​
​​Day Pass$7.50​​
Cash Fare (exact fare required)$3.00​
10 Rides$21.00​
Monthly Pass$28.00​
Yearly Pass (January 1st to December 31st)​$280.00​
Day Pass$7.50​


**Subject to change without notice.  All tickets and passes are non-refundable.

Adult, Senior & Access-A-Ride Breeze cards expire five years after date of issue.  Post-Secondary & Youth Breeze cards expire each year.  Expired Breeze cards can only be renewed at City Hall or Lethbridge Transit Office.  Renewal is free, valid ID and/or student ID is required. 

​Downtown Core

​City Hall Cashiers​921 - 4 Ave S
​Club Cigar Store​​301 - 5 St S
​Paramount Smoke Shop​​713 - 4 Ave S
​Draffins Pharmasave ​319 - 5 St S

​North Side

​​Stafford Pharmacy​1475  St Edward Blvd N
​​Lethbridge Transit​619 - 4 Ave N
​​Nord-Bridge Seniors Centre​1904 - 13 Ave N

​South Side  

​Stubbs Pharmacy ​1509 - 9 Ave S
​​Lethbridge Vehicle Licensing & Registry​​College Centre - Mayor Magrath
​​Lethbridge College Student Services​​Lethbridge College
​Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization​​500 - 11 St S​

West Side

​​University of Lethbridge Student Union​Student Union Service Centre
​​Prescription Centre West ​​30  Jerry Potts Blvd W
​​Shoppers Drug Mart​​110 Columbia Blvd W
​Shoppers Drug Mart ​380 University Dr. W​

You can claim the cost of a monthly or annual pass public transit pass on your income tax.  For more information visit the Canadian Revenue Agency website at

**The Transit Pass Tax Credit has been cancelled in the Federal budget for 2017.  Transit riders can still claim monthly and yearly passes on their income taxes up to and including tax year 2016.