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Adopt A StormDrain



"Adopt A StormDrain in your neighbourhood and keep our Oldman River and neighbourhoods free of debris, healthy and clean."


Adopting a StormDrain in your neighbourhood or near your school will help keep debris out of our stormdrains and prevent pollution from entering our Ponds and Oldman River. Adopting a StormDrain is easy and a great opportunity to become environmental stewards. Keeping stormdrains free of debris will help prevent ponding of water.



Adopting A StormDrain is easy........

1.  Click on the pdf map

Choose a stormdrain(s) near your home or school
(we will have an interactive map available soon)

2.  Read and Email the Adopt A StormDrain Guidelines and Tips Form

3.  Become a Gutter Buddy

Learn how to properly clean out a stormdrain. Find out how to become a Gutter Buddy by reading the Gutter Buddy information and watching the Gutter Buddy video. Gutter Buddy

 4. Supplies you may require to clean out your adopted storm drain:

  • ​Small shovel
  • Gloves
  • Garbage bags 

 If you have any questions, please contact the email below and we will help you out!​