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​​​Water Rationing Action Plan!  Learn how you can be prepared for water rationing and what happens when water rationing is declared.  

Water Conservation

Water Resource Information

Water Pollution Prevention

Programs in Lethbridge to help prevent water pollution 

The Oldman Watershed Council (OWC) has created a video called "Kids and Water Management". Check it out today to see how you play a role in Watershed health!

​​Adopt A Stormdrain program
A​​dopt A Stormdrain in your neighbourhood and keep our Oldman River and neighbourhoods free of debris, healthy and clean. By adopting the stormdrains around your school you become environmental stewards.



School Tours and Lesson Plans



School Tours

To schedule a tour of the Wastewater Treatment Plant  please call  403 320-3081 or go here for more information. Wastewater Treatment Plant

Lesson Plans

Storm Water
Examine where our storm water goes and the effects it has on local ecosystems. Click here to download the Storm Water Lesson Plan.​

Bottled Water​
Explore the environmental impacts of bottled water vs. tap water.
Click here to download the Bottled Water, Tapped Out Lesson Plan