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Lethbridge Wastewater Treatment Plant-2014


History of the Lethbridge Wastewater Treatment Plant

In 1904, the sewer system consisted of 13 km of pipe that discharged directly into the Oldman River, then called the Belly River. Read more about our wastewater history....... History of the Lethbridge Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Process

The City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant and Utility is funded by revenue from residential and commercial wastewater rates. Our wastewater collection system consists of 520 km of sewer and 19 lift stations.  The sewers and lift stations convey wastewater from residences and businesses in all areas of the City to the wastewater treatment plant. The treatment plant removes contaminants from the wastewater and discharges clean, disinfected effluent into the Oldman River south of Peenaquim Park.
Several steps are required to treat our wastewater with the capacity to treat 80 million litres of wastewater a day.
  1. Headworks
  2. Primary Clarifiers
  3. Liquid Treatment Processing-Step BioP
  4. Secondary Clarifiers
  5. Ultra Violet (U.V.) Disinfection
  6. Final Effluent Treatment
  7. Sludge Treatment Processing-Digesters
  8. Using Sludge as Fertilizer
  9. Methane Gas
For a more detailed description on how we process our wastewater go to Wastewater Treatment Plant Process
Click on the diagram below to see the Wastewater Treatment Plant Process


Would you like to watch a video on how we treat our wastewater?

What is the Science of Wastewater Treatment?
The Oldman Watershed Council (OWC) has created a video called "The Science of Municipal Wastewater Treatment"​. Check it out below!



For an in depth look at our wastewater process, we invite you to take the Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour. Contact 403 320-3081 to schedule a tour.


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