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Water Conservation

What does water conservation mean?

Water conservation involves saving water, through:
  • education
  • awareness
  • development and
  • the use of best practices

Why is water conservation important?

Our water supply is finite, meaning we do not have an endless supply.  

How can I help to use less water?

On a large scale, it may seem like we have a lot of water to use. What happens when this supply runs out? There are many ways that we can reduce our water use within our own homes and yards. See some ways below!

What are some ways to conserve water in your home, community, and workplace?

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Check out water saving tips from Team Coco in California! Alberta Water Portal shared this because although Albertans are not the intended audience, conserving water should be a priority, no matter where you are. The videos are also quite funny! Check them our here!

Programs in Lethbridge to conserve water

The City of Lethbridge has partnered with the Oldman Watershed Council ​Prairie Urban Garden Project (PUG), who provide advice on native plants and landscaping opportunities that reduce the amount of water, while still maintaining a beautiful, enjoyable yard.​

The Yellow Fish Road Program helps to create awareness about storm drain pollution and how the community can help to conserve the quality of the Oldman River.

The Gutter Buddy Program  encourages residents to keep their storm drains and gutters free of debris. Become a part of the clean up crew today!

The Storm Drain Survival Kit motivates communities to clean out the storm drains and gutters in your area. Find out how to get your kit today!


For more information on water conservation, visit: