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Combative Sports Commission


The Combative Sports Commission will regulate, govern and control boxing, kick boxing, martial arts and wrestling bouts, contests and exhibitions held within the City of Lethbridge.

The Combative Sports Commission is committed to providing a safe environment for both participants and spectators. It stresses the need to ensure fairness and safety for all Combatants.


All bouts and contests in these regulated sports are under the supervision and control of the Commission. Rules and Regulations may also be established to provide additional direction in supervising and controlling all bouts, contests and events. Any business, promotor or person who desires to promote a regulated sports bout, contest or event within the city of Lethbridge must obtain a permit from the Commission.


 Meetings of the Commission are open to the public to attend. Meetings are held monthly on a basis. 

Meeting Schedule

​Meeting Documents ​

​January , 2020AgendaMinutes
​February , 2020Agenda​Minutes
​March , 2020​Cancelled​NA
​April , 2020​Cancelled​NA
​May , 2020​Agenda​Minutes
​June , 2020​Agenda​Minutes
​July , 2019​No Meeting​No Meeting
​August , 2019AgendaMinutes
​September , 2019AgendaMinutes
​October , 2019AgendaMinutes
​November , 2019AgendaMinutes
​December , 2019AgendaMinutes

 For information outside this timeframe, contact the Office of the City Clerk at 403-359-7186.

Who is on the Commission

 Commission Composition

See who the members of the commission are. 

Governing Documents

Bylaw 5412

The Bylaw sets the mandate, composition and duties of the Committee.


Rules and Regulations 
 The established Rules and Regulations of the Combative Sports Commission.


Combatant Package - to be completed all perspective combatants

Officials Code of Conduct - the established Code of Conduct for all Officials

Officials Registration - required to be completed by all Officials

Officials Waiver - required to be completed by all Officials

Permit Application Package - application package for all MMA combatant events

Permit Application Package for Boxing Events - application for Pro or Amateur boxing events

Volunteer Waiver - required to be completed by all Volunteers

Wrestler's Waiver - required to be completed by all Wrestler's

Upcoming Events



​Event Name

​Event Type

​May 2, 2020 - Postponed​Servus Sport Centre​Rumble In The Cage 63

​MMA Event


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