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Sir Alexander Galt Museum and Archives - Board of Directors


The Galt Museum & Archives aims to educate our communities, preserve our histories, and develop a culture of progress and growth. The Museum's Board of Directors is appointed by City Council to set objectives and operating policies, ensuring that the public has a say in how their space is used. 

Our histories are part of our lived experience, and The Board aims to make sure that resources, spaces, and programs remain as accessible as possible for all members of our community. 

For more information, contact,, or call 403-320-3954. 


As a body established by Council, the meetings of the Board of Directors are public record. Administration is currently compiling historical agendas and minutes, which will appear here in the near future. More current agendas and minutes can be found on the Museum's Governance Site.

Who is on the Board

Committee Composition

See who the members of the Board are.

Governing Documents

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference set the mandate, composition and duties of the Board. TheMuseum, its Board of Directors and their Terms of Reference are established by this bylaw. 


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