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Census Results 2018

​The City of Lethbridge continues to grow with the official 2018 census results at 99,769, an increase of 1.60% over the 2017 municipal census numbers.  The strongest growth continue to be in West Lethbridge with an additional 875 new residents.

Region​2018​2017​Change in #'s (2018)​Change in % (2018)
​North Lethbridge​27,700​27,453​247​0.90%
​South Lethbridge​32,109​31,660​449​1.42%
​West Lethbridge​39,960​39,085​875​2.24%

 The census asked the number of people living in the household, their age and sex.  The full report can be viewed below:

2018 Census Results Report

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