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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Census? 

A census is an official count of the number of people living in Lethbridge at a given time.
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​The provincial government has announced that municipal census data will no longer be used to calculate annual provincial and federal grant funding.  The municipal census will be done in 2021.


​The City of Lethbridge conducts a census every year, starting on April 1. It takes approximately four (4) weeks to collect the census information from every residence in the city.


The census asks just three questions:

  1. Total number of residents;
  2. Sex of each resident; and
  3. Age of each resident.

​Census takers will begin by dropping off white door tags with a PIN number unique to each residence starting on April 1.

This white door tag will be left at the primary entrance to each residence.


​All census takers will present City-issued photo identification. We would encourage you to confirm their identification before you answer questions.


The census taker will leave a yellow door tag at your residence indicating that they had come to collect your census information. This door tag will provide you with the census taker's name, a contact phone number and a request to contact the census taker with your census information. 

You may also enter the information online or contact the Census Office by emailing or by phoning 403-320-3030.


​All census takers sign an Oath of Confidentiality.  They are trained to only record the data.


The information is compiled into areas and a report is published.  It is available on the City website at

The City does not share any census information that may be identifiable to a specific residence.


Once you receive a PIN number, visit and click on the link to the Census portal. Here you will be able to complete the census for your residence.

The site will be available starting April 1.

You can also view our instructional census video here.


​Contact the Census Office by emailing or by phoning 403-320-3030.


If your residence has not received a white door tag with a PIN number by April 5, contact the Census Office by emailing or by phoning 403-320-3030.

If the PIN number does not work, please contact the Census Office.


​All information is secure and confidential.  It does not matter if you pass on the information to the census taker, phone it in, or do it online.

​For more information: