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​​​​​​How do I contact the Mayor?

Click here for contact information.

Will the Mayor welcome people to my event? 

If you would like to invite the mayor to an event, please click here

The mayor will make every effort to attend if scheduling permits. If the mayor is unable to attend an event due to a scheduling conflict, the mayor may ask the deputy mayor or the acting mayor to represent the City.

Will the Mayor send a congratulatory message for a birthday or anniversary?

Yes, upon request, the mayor provides a congratulatory message for milestone birthdays and anniversaries.​

Will the City provide my Organization with a letter of support?

The mayor considers written requests for letters of support. Click here for information on submitting ​a request for a letter of support.

I have a complaint. Who do I talk to about my concerns?

It is the job of City Council to set the policy and direction for the City of Lethbridge. After that, it is the job of the City Manager, Administration and Staff to see that the actual work is done to support the policies.

If you have a complaint about how the work of servicing the City is done or about an employee, please contact the City Manager's Office with your concerns at 403-320-3900.

If you have a complaint about decisions or actions of City Council, please contact members of City Council.

How do I address the Mayor?

In correspondence with City Council, or during an introduction of the Mayor to a group or event, you would address the Mayor as "His Worship, the Mayor".

When speaking directly to the Mayor, you would address the Mayor as "Your Worship".

After using the formal address once, it is then appropriate to address the Mayor using more general terms.