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Mayor's Monthly Column



June 2020 Mayor's ColumnJune 2020 Mayor's Column's-Column.aspx2020-06-19T06:00:00ZOn Thursday, the City of Lethbridge ended the State of Local Emergency that was declared three months ago as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
May 2020 Mayor's ColumnMay 2020 Mayor's Column's-Column.aspx2020-05-15T06:00:00ZThis week was the start of stage one for the Provincial Government’s COVID-19 Relaunch Strategy and we are happy to announce that a number of City amenities are now available for use, as long as residents can adhere to the current public health orders.
April 2020 Mayor's ColumnApril 2020 Mayor's Column's-Column.aspx2020-04-17T06:00:00ZI’d like to start out by thanking and acknowledging the hard work of the people who have been guiding our city through this COVID-19 pandemic.
March 2020 Mayor's ColumnMarch 2020 Mayor's Column's-Column.aspx2020-03-20T06:00:00ZAs I'm sure many of you are feeling uncertain and anxious about the state of things right now, it is easy to be filled with fear and panic.
February 2020 Mayor's ColumnFebruary 2020 Mayor's Column's-column.aspx2020-02-21T07:00:00ZLast month, I was delighted to be able to present the Chamber of Commerce State of the City address.
January 2020 Mayor's ColumnJanuary 2020 Mayor's Column's-Column.aspx2020-01-17T07:00:00Z​As we embark on a new year there is always a sense of hope and optimism in the air at this time.
December 2019 Mayor's ColumnDecember 2019 Mayor's Column's-Column.aspx2019-12-20T07:00:00Z​The end of a calendar year brings with it many opportunities for connection, reflection and celebration.
October 2019 Mayor's ColumnOctober 2019 Mayor's Column's-Column.aspx2019-10-18T06:00:00ZIt's hard to believe we're heading into the end of October already, this year has certainly flown by and we still have many exciting events coming up in the remainder of 2019.
September 2019 Mayor's ColumnSeptember 2019 Mayor's Column's-Column.aspx2019-09-19T06:00:00ZIt has been a busy and exciting few weeks in our city and key amongst them have been the incredible events and celebrations taking place for Reconciliation Week.
August 2019 Mayor's ColumnAugust 2019 Mayor's Column's-Column.aspx2019-08-16T06:00:00ZThe excitement of Whoop Up Days is just around the corner. A great deal of effort from the organizers has gone into revamping and reenergizing the format this year to make Whoop Up Days an event for the whole family.