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City Council Strategic Plan

Lethbridge City Council was elected in October 2013. It is the first City Council to serve a four-year term. Although much of the effort of City Council is focused on day-to-day, week-to-week governance matters, this Council also recognizes the equally important responsibility to set direction for the community of the future. With the future of the City’s citizens and businesses in mind, City Council has prepared this strategic plan.

City Council has utilized the framework of the City’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan/Municipal Development Plan (ICSP/MDP) to establish strategic priorities for the next four years. These priorities will assist the community in realizing the hopes and ideas of Lethbridge residents that were captured in the comprehensive community consultation that drove the contents of the plan.

Although this strategic plan is for our four-year term on Council, we view it as a living document that may incorporate emerging issues or initiatives. We commit to reviewing this plan and updating it as necessary.

The following pages outline six strategic priorities that were identified by City Council. These priorities were determined through several meetings where we sought to identify and articulate the strategies that were most important to us collectively as City Council. All strategies are of equal importance and are described in a way that assists the reader by providing context.

We identify actions and decisions that have happened in the past that have set the foundation for us to move forward with each of the priorities. We describe those as statements about “Today”.

Considerations” are important to identify as they assist in describing the current circumstances or challenges that we face as we look to strengthen our community.

And So City Council Will” are statements that guide us in our decision making to ensure that we stay on track and work towards achieving the goals that we have jointly set out to accomplish.

  • Strategic Goal #1 - City Council embraces its role as government leaders of the corporation by strengthening the process of governance
    • 1.1 - City Council demonstrates governance excellence through leadership and setting clear direction
    • 1.2 - City Council encourages and enhances citizen engagement
    • 1.3 - We advocate on behalf of our community
  • Strategic Goal #3 - City Council stewards Lethbridge toward a well-designed city by ensuring quality urban design

    • 3.1 - We strive for a well-designed city through proactive planning
    • 3.2 - We are pursuing a more balanced approach to urban transportation options that includes pedestrians, cyclists and public transit users
    • 3.3 - We enhance the vibrancy and livability of our downtown
  • Strategic Goal #4 - City Council fosters a safe, healthy and vibrant community through inclusive policies, recreational and cultural opportunities and collaboration
    • 4.1 - Foster an environment of inclusivity and provide a welcoming community for all residents and visitors
    • 4.2 - Enrich the city as an exciting and active place to live, visit and do business
  • Strategic Goal #5 - City Council takes a leadership role in the protection and preservation of our natural environment in Lethbridge
    • 5.1 - We lead in the efficient use of resources and land 
    • 5.2 - We conserve and enhance the unique character of the Oldman River Valley through Lethbridge
  • Strategic Goal #6 - City Council fosters strong relationships with neighbouring communities through collaboration