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City Council Strategic Goal 1


City Council embraces its role as government leaders of the corporation by strengthening the process of governance.

1.1 - City Council demonstrates governance excellence through leadership and setting clear direction

  • We have a foundation of policies and have established a review process 
  • We have established committee structures
  • We have established procedures that support decision making 
  • Differing levels of knowledge and experience specific to municipal government between Council members 
  • Public’s limited understanding of municipal governance 
  • Accessibility of information to the public 
  • Differing perspectives of Council members 
  • Current public mistrust of orders of government
And so City Council will:
  1. Encourage the learning and development of all members in the roles of City Council 
    • Review and revise City Council orientation 
    • Review the opportunities for professional development of Council members including but not limited to governance roles, financial literacy, and the programs and services under Council’s jurisdiction 
  2. Strengthen Council’s role in policy and procedure guidance 
    • Review the existing policy bank (including bylaws) to ensure policies reflect the current view of Council and the community 
    • Conduct a review of the Proce​dure Bylaw to ensure that meetings of City Council enhance the governance responsibilities of Council (including regular meetings of Council, Community Issues Committee, and Finance Committee) 
    • Undertake a review and revision of the Code of Conduct for City Council 
  3. Build on City Council’s provincial reputation as a leader in governance innovation by seeking new ways of approaching issues that come before Council 
  4. Review internal processes to maximize value to citizens 
    • Initiate a review of service level provision in key areas 
    • Review and revise the budget process in accordance with the new four-year term of City Council 
    • Examine the merits of moving from part-time to full-time Councillor role 
  5. Develop and implement a City Council workplan 
  6. Encourage robust public debate

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1.2 - City Council encourages and enhances citizen engagement


  • Creating a comfortable forum for citizens to raise issues 
  • Improving citizen-to-City Council communication 
  • Differing levels of understanding in the community of city services, processes and policies 
  • Multiple perspectives on issues and challenges 
  • Not all citizens want to get involved 
And so City Council will:
  1. Engage with citizens early and often using a variety of engagement tools and resources
  2. Improve clarity and access to information for citizens 
    • Focus on simplified, clear messaging 
    • Host information forums through a variety of mediums – town halls, virtual town halls, online conversation groups 
    • Provide easier access to information on municipal governance processes 
    • Provide timely responses to inquiries 
  3. Encourage citizens to get involved in opportunities that make a better community (for example: citizen panels on specific issues) 
  4. Identify and engage stakeholders in the decisions of City Council, and encourage active participation 

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1.3 - We advocate on behalf of our community


  • We have relationships established with political representatives in both the federal and provincial governments
  • We network with other municipal leaders throughout the province
  • We have procedures to gather the views of citizens on key issues 
  • Potential changes in federal and/or provincial representation 
  • Federal or provincial strategies and programs don’t always meet our community’s needs 
  • Authority and responsibilities of municipalities are legislated by the provincial government under the Municipal Government Act (MGA) 
And so City Council will:
  1. Maintain positive relationships with federal and provincial representatives to ensure that the concerns of Lethbridge citizens are raised and understood as issues emerge 
  2. Leverage intergovernmental relationships to expand the community’s capacity to address evolving priorities in areas such as: 
    • Seniors
    • Accessible housing
    • Social programs
    • Family and Child Social Services (FCSS)
    • Capital ​projects
  3. Seek appointments to provincial and national bodies where the City’s interests can be promoted 
  4. Foster alliances with other municipalities on issues of mutual interest 
  5. Pursue dialogue with the Alberta government to increase authority and autonomy for municipalities in the MGA 

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