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City Council Strategic Goal 2

City Council demonstrates financial stewardship

  • We are seen as leaders in the province on process, policies and practices
  • We have an effective audit committee 
  • Our planning and budget processes are coordinated with the terms of City Council 
  • We consult with the community about their priorities 
  • Our fiscal practices and policies position us financially to manage and maintain our community capital assets 
  • Public perception of City Council control of finances 
  • Difficult to articulate service levels 
  • Municipal finance information is complex 
  • Council needs a full understanding of the finances to communicate them to the community in a concise and understandable way 
  • Conflicting demands of the community 
  • The community’s tolerance for tax and fee increases 
And so City Council will:
  1. Budget to achieve the current and future priorities of our community by: 
    • Balancing resources with needs 
    • Exploring the strategic risks and benefits of alternative funding options 
    • Promoting financial best practices to achieve economic sustainability 
    • Reviewing the policy framework around municipal finances and utilities 
  2. Review service levels to maximize community value 
  3. Increase frequency of financial reports
  4. Develop and monitor performance measures 
  5. Participate in provincial benchmarking initiatives 
  6. Provide opportunity for the community to better understand the value proposition in taxes, service fees and utility rates 

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