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City Council Strategic Goal 6

City Council fosters strong relationships with neighbouring communities through collaboration

  • We meet and dialogue regularly with regional partners to understand issues 
  • We support communities in the region through the provision of services as appropriate (water, sewer, police, fire, landfill) 
  • We act as a regional centre for amenities and services
  • We collaborate on economic development and tourism initiatives
  • The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan is nearly completed
  • There is a need to have balanced mutual sustainability
  • We are in competition for tax base
  • There is an increasing demand for city services outside of city limits
  • There is an increasing use of city services and amenities by non-city residents
  • Balancing the individual and mutual interests of municipalities
  • Lack of obvious mechanisms/framework for regional partnerships
And so City Council will:
  1. Host a regional forum to discuss the value of the creation of a sub-regional plan or similar mechanism for thinking and acting at a regional level
  2. Seek a framework for collaboration with municipalities in the surrounding region
  3. Review existing regional service agreements to ensure they are meeting mutual needs and interests
  4. Be seen and respected as leaders and partners
  5. Seek out opportunities to work together with other communities on issues we have in common 


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