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How City Council Works

​City Council meets regularly to discuss issues, set priorities, establish policy and make decisions based on information from many groups and citizens as well as City department managers and staff. The information is most often provided to Council in the form of presentations or written submissions.

City Council meetings

Council meetings are held bi-weekly, are open to the public and consist of listening to presentations, asking questions, reviewing reports or written submissions, and considering recommendations contained within them.

This is done through a process of information sharing, inquiry, deliberation and voting. Each member of Council has an equal vote in the decision-making process. In order for a resolution to be approved, a majority of Council members in attendance at a Council meeting must vote in favour of it. For example, if all 9 Council members are present, a resolution needs at least 5 votes in favour in order to be approved.

Presentations, Submissions and Reports are provided in advance with the Council meeting agenda. As needed, subject matter experts or managers from City departments attend Council meetings to present information and answer questions from Council.

The City Manager and the Executive Leadership Team attend all City Council meetings.

City Council meeting schedule

Boards, Commissions and Committees

City Council Committees assist in the review and decision making process in various areas affecting the community. Council members are appointed to these committees, and the City regularly recruits volunteers from the community to serve on them, as well.

Community Issues Committee (CIC) and Finance Committee are comprised of all nine members of City Council.

More about boards, commissions and committees - including committee descriptions, members, mandates and meeting dates.

City Manager

As the chief administrative officer of the City of Lethbridge, the city manager provides leadership and direction to all administrative departments and City staff. The City Manager reports directly to City Council.

The Office of the City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for managing Council’s legislative process and for delivering open, accessible and impartial government to Lethbridge residents, City Council and the municipal organization.

More about the Office of the City Clerk