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Strategic Plan Framework

There is a predictable framework that City Council follows when setting the policies that guide the operations, programs and activities of the City. It begins with the creation of a Community Vision. The vision for Lethbridge was developed by the community through public engagement and participation and adopted by City Council in 2010 in the process of the development of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan/Municipal Development Plan (ICSP/MDP).
The Integrated Community Sustainability Plan/Municipal Development Plan (ICSP/MDP) is an umbrella document that describes the overall community values, vision, direction and focus. It helps City Council and citizens manage future growth and change in our community. This Strategic Plan is built on the principles outlined in the ICSP/MDP.
Budget approval provides the funding for ongoing operations of the City.
At each stage in the cycle, Council welcomes public input. In addition, and to ensure that Lethbridge is moving in the right direction, community surveys are conducted at regular intervals.
The Annual Report is the method in which the City provides information to residents on the financial activity and progress made towards the objectives.


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