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100K Chalkboard


An exciting new addition to the 100K+ Conversations Initiative is the Community Chalkboard! The Community Chalkboard will ​​be appearing around the City at a variety of community engagement sessions, public events, and facilities, all in an effort to allow the community even more opportunities to join the “100K+ Conversation”.  




"Lots of very, very positive feedback. It's been a very useful tool. I think it's something that people can do quickly; they don't have to invest a lot of time in it. Even just seeing it and reading what people have commented on is kind of an interesting thing – to hear what other people's perspectives are."
- Perry Stein, Community Planner


If you have an event, facility, or engagement session that you feel the Community Chalkboard should visit, please contact us at The chalkboard will be at the following upcoming events:

  • University of Lethbridge Transit Terminal - September 26-27th
  • Lethbridge College Transit Terminal – September 28-29th
  • CMARD Pangea Café (City Hall) – October 2nd
  • CMARD Inclusion Conference 2016 (Coast Hotel) – October 3rd-4th
  • Downtown (Various Locations) – October 5-11th
  • 100K Day (City Hall) – October 12th
  • Westside (Various Locations) – October 13th-21st