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Scale of Public Engagement

Public engagement is the process of working to inform, interact and engage residents. Through planned activities, you have the opportunity to share your feedback, offer opinions and new ideas, and learn more about City projects. Each project benefits from a different level of public participation - from informing you about a program or service to engaging a committee. Below are the different levels of engagement that you can expect from the City of Lethbridge.

Desired Outcome​ ​Commitment to Residents


Inform residents of programs, service changes and Council decisions in a fair and balanced way​ ​You will be informed in a timely and accurate manner and we will hear your comments.


Seek opinions and perspectives​ Your opinion will be heard. We will take the time to listen and learn from your feedback.​


Gather information and discuss issues, hearing about other's points of view and recognizing resident's concerns​ You will be connected with and your opinions will be reflected, where possible, in the project.​


Work with stakeholders throughout the decision making process to facilitate understanding​ You will be active participants in the process.​



Entrust residents to make the final decision​ ​You will get to decide.

Opportunities to empower residents are minimal. Residents are empowered to elect officials that will make decisions on their behalf. The purpose of including Empower on the scale of public engagement is to provide understanding for residents where they sit in any given participation opportunity.


 *Adapted from the IAP2 framework.