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Lethbridge Citizens’ Assembly on Councillor Employment and Compensation

About the Citizens' Assembly

Lethbridge City Council has created a Citizens' Assembly to consider whether Lethbridge City Councillors should continue to serve on a part-time basis or whether they should fulfill their role on a full-time basis. The Assembly will also provide guidance concerning their compensation. 

How was the Citizens' Assembly chosen?

5,000 randomly selected households in Lethbridge were sent an invitation asking for volunteers for the Assembly.  More than 600 Lethbridge residents responded expressing their interest in being involved in the process. From among this group, 117 people said they would be willing to volunteer to serve on the Assembly. The 36 Assembly members where randomly selected from this group ensuring equal gender representation and a membership that broadly matched the demographic profile of Lethbridge

To be eligible, volunteers had to be a resident of Lethbridge aged 18 or over and live in a household that has received one of the 5,000 invitations. Elected representatives as well as staff in management positions at the City of Lethbridge were ineligible to participate.

What will the Assembly do?

The assembly will meet for the first of three full-day sessions on Saturday, September 10, 2016. They will meet again on September 24 and October 8.

The Assembly is led by an independent facilitation team and is overseen by an expert advisory committee that includes professors from the Universities of Calgary and Lethbridge, as well as the former head of the Alberta Public Service.

During their first session, the Assembly will learn the work of municipal government and the role of Council and Councillors. They will also have the opportunity to meet briefly with the Mayor and several members of Council during a facilitated Question and Answer session.

In future sessions, the Assembly will examine how Councillors are compensated in Lethbridge and other comparable jurisdictions in Western Canada.

If I'm not an Assembly member, how can I be involved?

If you are interested in giving your feedback but have not been selected as an Assembly member, you can still be involved by attending the Public Roundtable Meeting Thursday, October 6, 2016 at City Hall from 6-8 p.m.

Who is leading the Citizens' Assembly?

The City of Lethbridge has retained a team of independent experts to manage and lead this process.

This team, led by Peter MacLeod of MASS LBP, has completed thirty similar Citizens' Assemblies across Canada, including two previous Assemblies in Alberta. The MASS team is responsible for all aspects of recruitment, program design, facilitation and reporting and will operate at an arm's length basis from Lethbridge City Council. To further ensure the integrity of the process, an independent advisory committee has been set up. The committee will oversee the process and ensure that it is unbiased. The committee includes Dr. Harold Jansen from the University of Lethbridge, Dr. Melanee Thomas from the University of Calgary and Ron Hicks, a former Secretary to Cabinet with the provincial government.

Still have a question? Please call our toll-free line at 1-855-697-3811.