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survey-image.jpgThe City of Lethbridge has conducted a community survey every three years since 2005.  The survey focuses on understanding citizens’ opinions towards local issues, their quality of life, municipal services and City priorities.

The 2018 survey was conducted in April 2018.  The results were presented to City Council on June 18, 2018.

Here are the results from previous City of Lethbridge Citizen Satisfaction Surveys:

 The City of Lethbridge has also conducted other types of surveys, such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who decides what questions to ask?

Our surveys are developed with the advice of a professional polling company.  In the case of the 2014 survey, Ipsos Reid was hired to conduct the survey.

How many people are surveyed?

Most City of Lethbridge surveys use a sample size of 400.  400 is large enough to have confidence that the results would be similar if we had asked the entire community.  For some surveys there may be a desire to have a larger sample size.

Are the results reliable? 

The results are reliable.  A survey can only be considered reliable if the sample is representative of the community.  A representative sample is achieved by randomly selecting the participants.    A random sample of 400 is sufficient to have confidence the survey is reliable.  

Are cell phones be included in the survey?

Yes.  Both cell phones and land lines are included.

Who will be calling?

The City of Lethbridge hires 3rd party companies to conduct our survey.  This means that calls may be coming from other jurisdictions other than Lethbridge. 


For more information contact Graeme Woods at or 403 320 3198.