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Meet Bramwell Strain

On August 15, 2018, Mr. Bram Strain became the City Manager for the City of Lethbridge bringing a breadth of experience in leadership, efficiencies, innovation and change management.

As part of the 2019 - 2023 Corporate Strategic Plan, Bram and the Senior Management Team will focus on five areas:  

-Developing and maintaining strong relationship
-Meeting Customer needs
-Being positioned for organizational success
-Fostering a culture of public service
-Sound policies and decisions for sustainability

For the next three years, Bram will also focus on the execution of operational reviews that will look at process structures and outcomes and expectations of the organization and its stakeholders.  Additionally, the reviews will take into consideration industry standards and best practices.

In his previous roles, Bram has had direct responsibility for more than 2,000 employees in unionized environments and has overseen public programming and capital budgets of up to $1.8 billion. Since 2016, Bram has served as a deputy minister in the Government of Manitoba in the ministries of infrastructure as well as education, training and immigration. His background in federal government includes serving as Assistant Deputy Minister for Western Economic Diversification, Regional Director General for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Director General for Service Canada, and Associate Regional Director General for Veterans Affairs Canada.  

Throughout his career, Bram has worked directly with elected officials and has a deep respect for their time, dedication and commitment to the public good. He believes political direction is key in representing the needs and desires of the community while the civil service directly applies policy and generates new, innovative ideas for efficiency that improves service provision and increases value for taxpayers.


Previous Career Highlights for City Manager Bramwell Strain

  • 2017-2018          Deputy Minister, Manitoba Infrastructure, Province of Manitoba
    Department head responsible for Infrastructure, including the full transportation network, motor carrier enforcement, water and flood protection, airports and emergency measures. 
  • 2016-2017          Deputy Minister, Education, Training and Immigration, Chair of Public Schools Finance Board and CEO of Healthy Child Manitoba, Province of Manitoba 
  • 2012-2016          Assistant Deputy Minister, Manitoba/Saskatchewan, for Western Economic Diversification 
  • 2009-2012          Regional Director General, Prairies and Northern Territories Region, Citizenship and Immigration 
  • 2001-2009          
    Director General, In-Person Service Delivery Channel, Service Canada
    Associate Regional Director General, Western Region, Veterans Affairs Canada

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