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Director of Infrastructure Services

Doug Hawkins, P.Eng
Director of Infrastructure Services

The Infrastructure Services family is responsible for delivering services in a number of key business areas:

  • Planning, engineering, construction and project management are core activities of the Parks, Transportation, Water Utility, Wastewater Utility, Electric Utility, Waste Services, Recycling and Landfill Utility.
  • Major facilities operated include the Water Treatment Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the Lethbridge Regional Landfill
  • Retail utility customer services are delivered through the Utility Services department and include meter reading, billing, collection and customer care.
  • Day to day operations and maintenance of streets , traffic signals, water and sewer systems, parks and open space, garbage collection, and fleet is carried out by our Public Operations group. Electric Operations maintains and operates our electric distribution system.
  • City design standards, specifications and construction inspections related to new development are administered through the Urban Construction department.
  • Planning & Development as well as Building, Safety & Inspection Services.
  • A corporate asset management program provides support to all business units.