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Strategic Plans

City Council Gateway to Opportunity 2022 Action Plan

City Council spent the first several weeks of our term working together to understand challenges and explore possibilities for our amazing city. There was energy and excitement in these conversations and the overwhelming sentiment was that we are on the cusp of something remarkable. Now is the time for Lethbridge to take a bold step, to be forward thinking and creative, capitalizing on the unique assets we have to offer.

We recently updated our Municipal Development Plan (MDP), a process that engaged staff, stakeholders and community to create the vision for a future Lethbridge. Using the MDP as our strategic direction, we’ve now developed a 2022 City Council Action Plan, which will serve as the vehicle to move us forward on the things we’ve
already said are important to us.

Corporate Strategic Plan

​​The Corporate Strategic Plan provides a roadmap for success and the framework for what we attend to accomplish. It prioritizes corporate objectives and the alignment necessary to meet City Council and community objectives. It is intended to be a guiding document to bring focus to the initiatives that we undertake corporately.

Corporate Work Plan

The Corporate Work Plan offers a brief description of the projects and initiatives generated in the Council Strategic Plan, Corporate Strategic Plan, Operating Budget, Capital Improvement Program, and administrative projects.

Corporate Work Plan

Corporate Work Plan Progress Reports

Corporate Progress Report April 2020

Corporate Progress Report October 2019

City of Lethbridge Corporate Work Plan 2015-2018