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Bylaw 6199 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment re: 421 11 Street South

Notice of Public Hearing

May 4, 2020
Council Chamber at City Hall

Live Stream will be available at:

What to expect at the Public Hearing

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Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 5700 to rezone the captioned parcel within the London Road Neighbourhood to facilitate the parcel's transition from low-density residential to mixed-use built form and allow a parking facility as a permitted use.

From: Public Building (P-B) and R-L (Low Density Residential)

To: Direct Control (DC)

What does this mean?

  • The parcel is currently zoned Public Building and Low Density Residential within the London Road Neighbourhood allowing residential uses.

    The proposed Direct Control bylaw provides a list of permitted and discretionary uses and requirements to guide the parcel's transition from low-density residential built form to mixed-use built form.

    Mixed–uses include both residential and commercial uses.

    A parking facility is listed as a permitted use but it is not intended to function as a standalone use.

  • The applicant is Doug McLaughlin.

The proposed amendment is in compliance with Land Use Bylaw 5700, the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan, and the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan/Municipal Development Plan.