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Diversity and Inclusion

City of Lethbridge Diversity and Inclusion Commitment Statement

The City of Lethbridge recognizes the diversity of our community and will reflect that diversity within our organization, working to ensure programs, services, facilities and employment opportunities are inclusive to all people. CIM Logo

Building on our 2007 commitment to the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities, we are creating capacity to be responsive to the diverse needs of our community as well as the protection and promotion of employee physical, psychological and social well-being. We support the community in its efforts to address racism and discrimination as we continue to work together towards being a welcoming and inclusive community.

Everyone is welcome in Lethbridge and everyone's needs should be met. We are all in this together.

Recognition of Territory

The City of Lethbridge acknowledges that we are gathered on the lands of the Blackfoot people of the Canadian Plains and pays respect to the Blackfoot people past, present and future while recognizing and respecting their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship to the land.  The City of Lethbridge is also home to the Metis Nation of Alberta, Region III.

Mobility and Accessibility Master Plan (MAMP)

The City of Lethbridge has adopted aMobility/Accessibility Master Plan that provides direction to new developments, redevelopments, and planning initiatives to ensure equal access within the physical environment is provided to all residents of the city regardless of their ability.

The Mobility / Accessibility Working Group, made up of representatives from across the City, coordinates the approach to championing community accessibility in our physical infrastructure. Our goal is to continue identifying mobility / accessibility concerns and address them as budget and time permits.

Lethbridge Diversity and Inclusion Alliance

The Lethbridge Diversity & Inclusion Alliance (LDIA) is a community-based organization that supports the promotion of diversity and inclusion in Lethbridge.

Lethbridge Interfaith Network

Mission:  To create a community space where individuals from diverse faiths, traditions, and worldviews can come together to deepen their understanding of each other and work together for the common good. 

Lethbridge Local Immigration Partnership

Lethbridge Local Immigration Partnership-(LIP) is a community development initiative. Their goal is to create a more welcoming and inclusive community.

Lethbridge LIP seeks to collaborate with, strengthen and work together with local residents, community agencies, initiatives, organizations, businesses and government agencies.

Reconciliation Lethbridge Advisory Committee

The Reconciliation Lethbridge Advisory Committee will act as an advisory committee to City Council on issues relating to reconciliation. The Committee will champion the Reconciliation Implementation Plan, promote mutual understanding and support of urban indigenous populations and the municipality's relationship with the Blackfoot Confederacy.

City of Lethbridge Youth Council

The Youth Advisory Council exists to foster a relationship between Lethbridge City Council and the youth of the City of Lethbridge. 

Additional Resources

Alberta Hate Crimes Committee

Given the recent attention to hate-related incidents in Alberta, there is a significant need to document these incidents. The purpose of the #STOPHATEAB website is to fill this gap and create a space to document. Using their online form, users can document hate incidents, and can help build our "real-time" map of documented hate incidents.

Information generated from the #STOPHATEAB website will support the outreach and education initiatives of the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee.

IMPORTANT:  If you have been a victim of a HATE CRIME please report this to your local police department.

Alberta Human Rights Commission

In Alberta, the Alberta Human Rights Act protects Albertans from discrimination in certain areas based on specified grounds. The purpose of the Alberta Human Rights Act is to ensure that all Albertans are offered an equal opportunity to earn a living, find a place to live, and enjoy services customarily available to the public without discrimination.

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Welcoming and Inclusive Communities

The Welcoming and Inclusive Communities (WIC) initiative is a partnership between the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) and the Government of Alberta to support municipalities to implement policies and practices to help overcome issues of racism and discrimination. The goal of the WIC initiative is to create communities where all residents and visitors enjoy a sense of belonging and where diversity adds to the social and economic vibrancy of the community, and improves the quality of life for all residents.

Canadian Commission for UNESCO Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities

This network brings together municipalities that want to improve their policies against racism, discrimination, exclusion and intolerance. Its strength lies in the shared experiences of its members. Together, the municipalities undertake initiatives to eliminate all forms of discrimination with a view to building open and inclusive societies.

In Canada, 77 cities are members of the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities. They advance initiatives to:

  • improve their practices to promote social inclusion
  • establish policies to eradicate all forms of racism and discrimination
  • promote human rights and diversity

The cities follow through on the Coalition's commitments for respecting, protecting and promoting human rights and diversity.

Southern Alberta Inclusion Coalition

Mission: To provide a platform for municipal governments, community organizations, and other interested persons to share information, skills, and experiences to collaboratively create communities where everyone experiences a sense of belonging, free from social barriers, and are active participants in the social, cultural and economic life of the community.