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Economic and Tourism Vision

The City of Lethbridge currently lacks a unified economic and tourism vision for the community and region.  This work, in partnership with a broad stakeholder group, is being delivered over two phases.  Phase 1 entails the creation of a storybook – a vital document that articulates the City's economic and tourism vision, establishes a narrative framework for socializing and sharing the vision, and sets the stage for subsequent operations and communication initiatives geared toward bringing the vision to life. 

Phase 2 will entail the creation of an implementation plan with specific recommendations and actions over time to bring the vision to life.

Our 20-Year Economic and Tourism Vision

By building on our strengths, sustaining our natural assets and advancing our quality of life, the Lethbridge region will be, in 2042, a healthy, prosperous and inviting community that feeds the world, leads the world and welcomes the world.

Accordion Answer
  • Expanding Canada’s Premier Food Corridor
  • Ongoing Leadership in Research & Development
  • Leveraging the Agri-food Hub and Trade Centre

  • Expanding Canada’s Western Gateway + YQL
  • Continued Leadership in Clean Energy
  • Training & Up-Skilling an Evolving Workforce
  • Growing the Food & Agri-Tourism District
  • Feeding the Appetite for Indigenous Tourism + Embracing New Immigrant Culture
  • Playing to People’s Love of Sport
  • Hosting the World with a Lighter Footprint
  • Immersing the World in our Virtual Attractions


Lethbridge 2042

This document presents a long-term (20-year) vision for the Lethbridge area—a synthesis of ambitious and aspirational ideas from a broad cross-section of stakeholders, and a compelling picture of what the region can become with the requisite mix of commitment, investment and hard work.

Lethbridge 2042 Our Economic and Tourism Vision