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Process of Selection

  • Request for Proposals, Request for Qualifications and Requests for Information  are  not opened publicly
  • All bids will be evaluated using only the criteria cited in the bid documents. 
  • A compliant bid demonstrating best overall value will be selected
  • After bid selection has been approved an offer letter, Purchase Order or Contract will be issued to the successful bidder

Invoicing and Payment

  • For expedited payment all paper invoices must be remitted by the vendor to the following central address: 

    City of Lethbridge, Accounts Payable
    910 4th Ave S
    Lethbridge, AB  T1J 0P6
  • Please send your electronic invoice to
  • If remitting an electronic invoice please do not also send paper copy
  • Please note that invoices remitted directly to departments or any other address could be delayed for payment by the need to transfer them internally to this central site
  • Payment is made via weekly cheque runs
  • The run selected will be the best match for the payment terms offered
  • For information about payments: 

    Phone:  403-320-3959
    FAX:       403-320-4128