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How to Sell to the City

Welcome to all contractors. The information below will acquaint you with our organization, policies and procedures.


 • The City of Lethbridge has designated the Purchasing Department, a division of the Finance Department, as the group responsible for procurement for all departments of the City

• Purchasing Dept’s customers are all City departments, i.e. our internal clients and the contractor community
• It is the Purchasing Dept’s responsibility to assist our clients to do their job better by providing value-added procurement services
• The above is achieved by understanding the client's needs and responding with creative and flexible solutions which meet their performance, delivery and price expectations
• To better meet our internal clients’ demands, the Purchasing Dept is continuously improving its business processes in a way that responds to the City's Strategic Initiatives
• If you have a product or service to offer the City, your first call should be to the Purchasing Dept
• You will find us ready and willing to help you compete for City business
• When you arrive, our Administrative Assistant will assist you and direct you to the appropriate person
• If you cannot see the particular person immediately, your wait will be no longer than is absolutely necessary
• We realize you have a busy schedule, so as to avoid delays it is advisable to contact us to set up an appointment
• At this point the City does not have a vendor’s list
• It is on the onus of the contractor to keep informed about any competition that we have open 
• We post all our competitions on the City website
• All construction and high dollar competitions are posted on the Alberta Purchasing Connection site
• The City employs various methods to procure the required goods and services
• Competitive bidding is the foundation for all purchases
• We make every effort to contract with responsive and responsible vendors that have the capability to meet the needs of the City providing quality goods and services at competitive prices.
• The Purchasing Dept decides which method is best to be used


Purchasing Credit Card
• This method is used for purchases less than $2,500.00
• It empowers the internal client to purchase low dollar value goods and services
• All vendors MUST accept MASTERCARD at their place of business in order to participate in these low dollar purchases

Open Market
• This method is used for purchases greater than $2,500.00 but less than $50,000.00
• Procurement staff or the requesting department solicits competitive quotations by fax, telephone or in writing

Formal Quotation
• This method is used for purchases greater than $50,000.00 but less than $100,000.00
• Vendors are invited to bid on goods and services
• Bid documents are provided by the City
• Bids must be sealed and the bid number clearly labeled on your envelope
• Received prior to the specified closing time
• All bids are opened after the specified time of closing

Public Tender
• This method is used for purchases greater than $100,000.00
• Tenders may be publicly advertised in the local newspaper and any other medium deemed appropriate
• Bid documents can be obtained from the Purchasing Division
• Tenders must be returned on the forms provided, clearly labeled with the competition number on it
• Sealed label affixed to your envelope and in the hands of the Purchasing Agent not later than the specified closing time
• Tenders are read publicly as they are opened

It is the constant endeavor of the Purchasing Dept., in consultation with our internal clients and vendor community to:
•  develop new sources of supply and to develop alternative products to those presently in use, having in mind the ultimate end use cost, as well as quality
• to purchase on a non-restrictive, competitive basis and in this regard, specifications, standards and policies are continually being reviewed
• to provide vendors on business calls with a prompt and courteous reception
• to assure all qualified vendors have an equal opportunity to conduct business with the City
• to maintain the highest standards of business ethics in our dealings with vendors
• The lowest or any bid will not necessarily be accepted
• We believe our ethical principles should govern the conduct of every professional purchaser.