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New Commercial Buildings & Additions

Building permits are required prior to the construction of any new building or structure, or for the construction of an addition to an existing building.  Please apply by clicking here.

The following information is required for plan review:

Site Plan

  • Plans are to include north arrow indicator, property lines, location of Buildings on the property, distances between Buildings, access routes for firefighting purposes, location of hydrants, utility locations, Rights of Way and caveats, etc.

Building Drawings

  • 1 Sets of scaled, legible drawings not less than 1:100 scale.
  • Project name and Owner name.
  • Code analysis (Part 3 or Part 9, combustible/non-combustible, etc.)
  • Floor plan showing all rooms with dimensions, intended use of each room, location of all walls, partitions, doors, windows and other openings (include location of all fixed equipment)
  • Floor, wall and ceiling finishes.
  • Barrier-free details including but not limited to path of travel, entrances, washroom layout and hardware.
  • Additions to show key plan of the entire Building indicating location of the affected area. Include tenants on either side of the affected area if applicable.
  • Building sections, elevations and sufficient construction detail to determine if the proposed work complies with the requirements of the referenced Codes and Standards. If the proposed is an addition, the entire Building must be shown not just the addition.

Other Information that may be Required

  • Fire protection and firestopping details.
  • Heating and ventilation details.
  • Electrical details including locations of panel, plugs, switches, lighting, etc.
  • Barrier-Free access must be considered when designing all buildings. For Barrier-free design requirements, please refer to National Building Code 2019- Alberta Edition, Volume 1, Division B Section 3.8.
  • NECB Project Summary
If Professional Involvement is required, Schedules of Supervision and Signed and sealed drawings will be required.  (Please refer to Subsection 2.4.2 Volume 1 Division NBC 2019- AE of the code to determine if Professional involvement is required)