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​Did you know you need zoning approval before getting a Building Permit or Business License? The application form is available online.

Whether creating a new building, adding to or renovating an existing building, placing or erecting signage, making exterior alterations to a building in the Downtown, starting or moving a business within the City, the first thing you will need is zoning approval – that’s a Development Permit.


  • Submit a Development Permit Application and your plans for approval by a Development Officer
  • Development Officers review each application by first determining which zoning district the parcel is located in. 
  • Each parcel in the City of Lethbridge has a specific zoning district assigned to it.  Within each zoning district is a list of allowable uses (permitted and discretionary) and the development rules for the parcel:  minimum parcel sizes, setbacks from parcel lines for principal and accessory buildings, heights of buildings, etc. 


  • To determine the zoning district for your parcel simply enter your address into our Lethbridge Interactive WebMAP and use the property information tool. 
  • Once you have determined your zoning district, locate the corresponding district rules in Land Use Bylaw 6300 to determine what land uses are allowable and the minimum development requirements for your parcel.

Application Process for Zoning Approval

Processes can vary depending on the intended project. It is recommended you contact the Planning and Development Services Department to discuss the proposed project to determine what specific application requirements will be required.  However, a typical application will include:

  • A completed Development Permit Application.

  • Two complete sets of drawings: site plan, floor plans, elevation drawings, landscape plan, and mechanical site plan. (For a complete list of what is required on the drawings, see Section 4.3 of Land Use Bylaw 6300)

  • A .PDF copy of the drawings.

  • Fees as outlined in the Development Services Fee Schedule.

Most development permit applications must be made in person or by mail. 

Development Permits for Signs and Portable Signs may be made by e-mailing the completed applications to