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Cellular Towers


Who Approves the Location of Cell Towers?

Does the City Have Any Input?

  • Yes, it does.  ISEDC requires cell tower proponents to consult with a municipality to discuss site options and constraints.  See section 4.1 of the Radio Communication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems.
  • If the City is the owner of the land where a cell tower is proposed it can also impose conditions on the development of the cell tower through the lease agreement.
  • The Planning and Development Services Department acts as the primary contact for cell companies wanting to place a new tower (most cell companies engage a land agent to assist them).   
  • If there is no technical impediment with the proposed location we stamp the submitted drawings “Reviewed” (sometimes with added comments) and return them to the proponent.  In accordance with section 4.3 of Radio Communication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems this is our preferred method of concluding Land Use Authority consultation. 

Do Citizens Have A Say?

More Information


For more information about cell tower locations, contact:  
Planning and Design at 403-320-3920 or