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Land Use Regulation

Our main function is to regulate the use and development of land and buildings according to the rules and policies of the Land Use Bylaw, the Portable Sign Bylaw, Statutory Plans and the Municipal Government Act.

What is the Land Use Bylaw?
This document, passed by City Council, governs land use and development (eg. permitted and discretionary uses, building heights, densities, setbacks, parking and landscaping).  

What is the Portable Sign Bylaw?
This document, also passed by City Council, regulates the use of portable signage.

What is a development permit?
This is a document which authorizes development of land and changes to buildings, land uses, businesses and signage.  To view a printable version, click here: Development Permit Application

Why is a development permit needed?
Development permits ensure that the land use, appearance and design, layout and overall characteristics of new developments are consistent and compatible with neighborhoods, current development guidelines, and future development goals in the city.

When is a development permit needed?
A development permit is needed for almost all construction projects and/or renovations to existing buildings or land, and for almost all changes of land use.  In most cases, development approval is also required before a business license can be obtained. 

Some developments do not require development permits.  For information on when development permits are not required, please see part 4, section 14 of Land Use Bylaw 6300

How do I apply for a development permit?
Applications differ depending on the nature of the planned development.  Basic application requirements can be found below, however, in many cases the Development Officer will need more information.

Basic Application Requirements:
A completed application for a development permit generally consists of, but is not limited to:

1.  A completed application form.

2.  A detailed site plan (Development officer will determine number of copies required).
      Site plan

3.  Drawings showing the outside appearance of the building. Sample Elevation

4.  The application fee. 

The completed application can then be mailed to the address noted below or sent by e-mail to

For more detailed information regarding development permit applications please contact the Planning and Development department. 

Planning and Development
City Hall, 910 - 4th Avenue South
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
T1J 0P6
Phone:  (403) 320 3920
Fax:       (403) 327 6571