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eApply and Plan Review FAQs

Here's what happened: The eApply system 'caches' (keeps all the information you enter) in your web browser's temporary memory until the end of the proces​s when your permit is created.

By pressing the 'Back' button, the proper storage of this data becomes broken and you will need to start at the beginning of the eApply permit you were working on.

Revisions to the information you enter can be made on the 'Confirm' screen. Use the small blue underlined links to go back and make changes to the appropriate section, which will allow you to continue moving through the application process without errors.

The search box is tied to the City's property database which uses particular abbreviations to find addresses, i.e. 'ST' for 'Street', 'BLVD' for 'Boulevard', 'RD' for 'Road" and 'S' rather than 'South'.

The simplest way to find the address you are looking for is to enter the number and the first few characters of the street, i.e. '910 4 A'

The search box will dynamically return all the properties that match the criteria you enter, and will narrow the results as you type more characters. Simply select the address you are searching for. Clicking on the full address displayed in blue will finalize your selection.