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Covered Deck Permit

Covered Deck Permit

 A covered deck is an open, elevated porch extending from a building with a roof or other covering which provides shade.

 Development Considerations

  • The first step of any project is obtaining Development approval.  Approval is obtained when a Development Officer reviews the submitted site plan and building drawings and determines that they meet the minimum requirements outlined in Land Use Bylaw 6300.
  • Minimum setback requirements are the same for the covered deck and the dwelling, measured from the property line to the closest portion of the deck:

  • o Front – 6.00m (20’0”)
    o Side – 1.2m (4’0”)
    o Rear – 7.6m (25’0”)

  • For more information please contact Development Services at 403-320-3920 or by email at

Permits & Inspection


​​​Design Considerations

  • Covered structures are required to carry their own weight, as well as snow load and prevent against wind uplift. Acceptable foundations would include:
                       o Pier/post on pad footing, min. 1200mm (48”) below grade
                       o Strip footings
                       o Engineered cast in place concrete piles (friction piles)
                       o Engineered screw piles
    Joists, Beams & Decking
    •  Deck joists, rim boards and beams must be designed in accordance with span tables from either the NBC 2019- AE or the Canadian Wood Council Span Book.
    • Decking materials should be chosen in accordance with good building practice, and composite materials must be approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Center (CCMC).
    • Decks must be constructed to maintain access to gas & electric meters (if applicable).
    Hand & Guard Rails
    •  900mm (36”) guardrails may be used on a deck with a walking surface of up to 1800mm  (5’-11”) in height from grade.
    • 1070mm (42”) guardrails are required on decks with surface heights exceeding 1800mm (5’-11”) from grade.
    • Handrails are required when steps exceed more than 3 risers, regardless of height, and on both sides of the stairwell if the width is greater than 1100mm (43 ½”).

    Permit Application

    • Completed application form
    • 1 set of construction drawings containing:
                 o Site Plan: showing location of gas/electrical meters (if applicable)
                 o Elevation drawings
                 o Top plan view
                 o Cross Section
                 o Elevation Drawings