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Covered Deck Permit

 A covered deck is an open, elevated porch extending from a building with a roof or other covering which provides shade.

 Development Considerations

  • The first step of any project is obtaining Development approval.  Approval is obtained when a Development Officer reviews the submitted site plan and building drawings and determines that they meet the minimum requirements outlined in Land Use Bylaw 6300.
  • Minimum setback requirements are the same for the covered deck and the dwelling, measured from the property line to the closest portion of the deck:

  • o Front – 6.00m (20’0”)
    o Side – 1.2m (4’0”)
    o Rear – 7.6m (25’0”)

  • For more information please contact Development Services at 403-320-3920 or by email at

Permits & Inspection


​​​Design Considerations

Utility Meters and Connections

  • When a gas or electric meter is in the vicinity of a proposed deck, code or other safety requirements may impact the design. Prior to making application for your construction permit please consult Electric Design (by calling 311) and Atco Gas (by calling 403-380-5400) to discuss any meter placement considerations which may impact the project.


  • Covered structures are required to carry their own weight, as well as snow load and prevent against wind uplift. Acceptable foundations would include:
  •                    o Pier/post on pad footing, min. 1200mm (48”) below grade
                       o Strip footings
                       o Engineered cast in place concrete piles (friction piles)
                       o Engineered screw piles

    Joists, Beams & Decking

    •  Deck joists, rim boards and beams must be designed in accordance with span tables from either the NBC 2019- AE or the Canadian Wood Council Span Book.
    • Decking materials should be chosen in accordance with good building practice, and composite materials must be approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Center (CCMC).

    Hand & Guard Rails

    •  900mm (36”) guardrails may be used on a deck with a walking surface of up to 1800mm  (5’-11”) in height from grade.
    • 1070mm (42”) guardrails are required on decks with surface heights exceeding 1800mm (5’-11”) from grade.
    • Handrails are required when steps exceed more than 3 risers, regardless of height, and on both sides of the stairwell if the width is greater than 1100mm (43 ½”).

    Permit Application

    • Completed application on eApply
    • Upload construction drawings containing:
                 o Site Plan: showing location of gas/electrical meters (if applicable)
                 o Elevation drawings
                 o Top plan view
                 o Cross Section
                 o Elevation Drawings