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Fence Requirements

Fences do not require specific Development or Building permits if they follow the requirements as outlined in the City Bylaw.​

Development Considerations

  • Fences, provided that they meet the following maximum height requirements, do not require Development approval.

Interior Parcels

      • In all front yards                         1.0m (3'3")
      • In all side and rear yards          2.0m (6'6")

Corner Parcels (consists of two front yards and two side yards)

      • In one front yard                         1.0m (3'3")
      • In the remaining yards               2.0m (6'6")
Fence Diagram.jpg 
  • For further information, or to apply for a waiver of these requirements, please contact Development Services by phone at 403-320-3920 or by email at  

Required Permits & Inspections 

  • A fence does not require Development approval provided it is a maximum of 1m (3'-3") in height in the front and no more than 2m (6'-6") in height in the side and rear of the property.
  • Development Permit: a waiver will be required if the proposed fence is to be built higher than the maximum allowable height as outlined above.
  • Building Permit:  a fence does not require a building permit unless it encloses a swimming pool or hot tub.  (For more information see the Design Considerations in the Section for Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Permits)

Design Considerations 

  • Although the City of Lethbridge does not regulate construction materials or design for fences, your property may be subject to Architectural Requirements by the subdivision Developer.

Permit Application 

To apply for a waiver of the maximum height requirements, please provide the following: