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Furnace Replacement FAQs

Are you contemplating updating your furnace?

Here are the answers to the most frequent questions that home owners have when replacing their furnace.

Do I need a permit to replace my furnace?

Yes - Permits are required to replace your furnace and will only be issued to qualified tradespeople.

Once installed does my new furnace require an inspection?

Yes – Once the installation has been completed, the contractor/installer to whom the permit was issued is required to call the Building Permits department at the City of Lethbridge to arrange for an inspection of the work. One of our Safety Code Officers will inspect all work related to the installation of your new furnace and verify the certification of the heating appliance by inspecting the label.

What does the Safety Codes Officer look for during the inspection?

The Safety Codes Officer will ensure that:

  • The gas line is the correct size and has no leaks
  • The chimney is adequate (or if a liner must be installed)
  • The flue portion of the venting has been installed as per the Alberta Building Code
  • There is proper fresh air supply to the combustion chamber
  • The combustion properties will be correct for the elevation above sea level

What can happen if my furnace is installed incorrectly?

Improper installation of furnaces may compromise your safety. For example, if the correct amount of fresh air is not present in the heat exchanger or if the flue and chimney venting are incorrect, the exhaust from the furnace may be distributed within your home. Improper venting may also affect the operation of other equipment such as water heaters.

Do furnace installers need a license?

Yes – Furnace installations must be done by qualified tradespersons who are licensed to provide installations within the City of Lethbridge.

Can furnaces be sold by door-to-door salespeople?

It is possible that a door-to-door salesperson may provide options for you about purchasing a new furnace. These salespersons must be licensed to sell door-to-door in Lethbridge and may not be qualified, or licensed to install appliances. Installations must be done by qualified tradespersons who are licensed to provide installations within the City of Lethbridge.

Do furnaces need to be approved for use in Canada?

Yes - Appliances must be approved for use in Canada and bear evidence of approval in the form of a label which displays the approval agency's logo. Approval agencies are listed by the Standards Council of Canada and include agencies such as, but not limited to CSA, (Canadian Standards Association) and ULC,   (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada).

Are furnace replacements regulated by the Alberta Building Code?

Yes – Furnace or heating appliance replacements are regulated by the Alberta Building Code.

If you have additional questions about the updating or installation of your furnace please contact us at 403-320-3920 or