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Residential Heating & Ventilation Permits

Heating & Ventilation permits for residential projects.​

Every permit issued by a Safety Codes Officer shall expire and become null and void if the work authorized by the permit is not commenced within ninety (90) days from the date of permit issuance, or if the work authorized by the permit is suspended or abandoned for a period of one hundred and twenty (120) days at any time after the work is commenced.   - Plumbing Bylaw 5793

A Rough-In and Final Inspection are provided for the permit. Additional inspections may be purchased by the applicant if required.
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Forced Air Heating Permit Application:

Application form for residential forced air heating installations. Heating permits may be issued to either a licensed Installer with a City of Lethbridge business license, or the Homeowner for work in the single family dwelling where he resides.
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Supplemental Ventilation Info for Permit Application:

This information outlines the documentation required when applying for a Forced Air Heating Permit, and contains maximum outdoor airflow and NOEC tables for balancing the system.