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When is a Permit Required?

when permit reqd.jpg ​How to determine when a permit is required for residential construction projects.

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 info icon.jpg  A permit is NOT required for:

  • Minor repairs, painting, decorating or re-roofing if there are no structural changes to the building and matters affecting health or safety are not at risk.

  • Interior renovations which do not:

    • create another dwelling unit,

    • increase parking requirements,

    • increase density of residential development,

    • result in a change of use of a building.

  • A single story accessory building not greater than 10 m² in building area providing it does not create a hazard, where it meets the setback requirements of Land Use Bylaw 5700 and where matters affecting health or safety are not involved.

  •  Repair or alterations to any heating, ventilation or air conditioning system which are of a minor nature and which, in the opinion of the Safety Codes Officer, will not hinder the satisfactory operation of the system and does not involve the health or safety of the occupants of the building.

  • Landscaping on a parcel including concrete and paving - unless required by a development permit.

  • Family Day Homes with 6 or fewer children.

  • Renting of a room to no more than 4 people - provided that there is only one cooking facility for the dwelling.  

construction_icon.png Permits ARE required for:

  • All other types of work require approvals and permits prior to work commencing:
    • New construction, renovations, alterations, etc.

    • Changes in use to a building (note: parking requirements will also change)

    • Day Cares with more than 6 six children

    • Boarding houses

    • Secondary suites

Please visit the Permits & Applications Hub for more detailed guidelines on the application procedure, necessary construction drawings and frequently asked questions on requirements for specific types of projects.


​If you would like assistance in determining what type of permits your project may require, please contact a member of Building Inspection Services who would be glad to assist you.