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Addressing FAQ

Rear Addressing Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions


Where should I put address numbers at the rear of my property?

Rear address numbers can be installed on your fence, shed, garage, house or other structure as long as they are plainly visible from the back alley and are not obstructed by trees, shrubs or other landscaping.

If there's a pedestrian pathway behind my home, do I have to put my address numbers at the rear of my property?

No, rear address numbers are only required if your home abuts a back alley that is used for vehicle access. 

Can I paint my address numbers at the rear of my property instead of attaching numbers?

Yes, as long as the address numbers are plainly visible from the back alley and can be easily distinguished from the background surface.

Do I have to use numerals or can my address numbers be written out?

Numerals or written numbers (ex. 14 or Fourteen) are acceptable, provided they are plainly visible from from the back alley.

How big do the numbers have to be?

Address numbers should be at least 10 cm (4 inches) in height.