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Downtown Snow Operations

To help keep Lethbridge moving in the winter time, the City has designated key roadways in the city as Snow Routes and implements parking restrictions on the snow routes when it is necessary to plow the roads after a snowfall. 

Snow removal crews are on duty 24 hours a day. On weekends, standby staff is on call in case of a snow event. City Crews are deployed to sand and salt roads prior to snowfall warnings. This is done based on designated Priority Routes.

In the event of abnormal or extreme winter weather in which roads need to be plowed, the City may declare that Snow Routes have been activated resulting in a Temporary Parking Ban being put in place for all, or specific Snow Routes.

The Temporary Parking bans will be in effect for 72 hours, unless the declaration is terminated before 72 hours, or is extended for a further 72 hour period.

During the Temporary Parking Ban residents are asked to please park in another location until the ban is over so that snow plows can plow the snow to the parking lanes or boulevard.  You may still park on a snow route until a temporary parking ban is declared and once it is over.
Residents who park along snow routes are asked to watch for heavy snowfall and to be ready to remove their vehicles from the street when a temporary parking ban is declared. Residents will be able to register to be notified by email when a Snow Route Temporary Parking Ban has been declared.

The only Snow Route in Downtown, subject to this restriction, is 6 Avenue South (from 5 St S to Mayor Magrath Dr. S).

With each new event, snow clearing begins with priority 1 Areas. If frequent events occur, there may be delays in the clearing of lesser priorities.


Below is a brief explanation of how snow will be managed in the Downtown this winter. The ultimate goal is to reduce the windrows and ice built-up in the parking stalls at the curb, thus making it as effortless as possible for the public to access the businesses.
  1. Snow Removal is based on a Priority system and typically, the downtown core is Priority 1 for snow removal.
    • Priority Streets in the Downtown include:
      • 3rd Avenue South
      • Scenic Drive
      • Stafford Drive
      • 6th Avenue South
  2. The City asks property owners to clear any snow, ice or other debris which has been deposited on the sidewalk next to their property within 24 hours. For safety and drainage reasons, the City asks that all snow is shoveled onto your private property or boulevard. The City also provides sand free of charge for residents.
  3. The City appreciates the continued diligence and efforts of the business community in helping to keep the Downtown accessible during snow events.
  4. The Heart of Our City - Clean Sweep Program (CSP) provides a valuable service beyond what the City and business community is able to provide.  When required by virtue of a snowfall event, the CSP team begins snow clearing activities at 5 a.m. Sidewalks which are impassable (especially for the disabled), bus stops and crosswalks are the priorities.  Since there are some frontages along properties of absentee landowners, these are also included.
  5. The Clean Streets Crew will attempt to pile snow in a designated stall(s) on each side of a block. This is the closest space to place snow and avoids someone moving the snow across one or two travel lanes, plus it deals with the most troubled areas, the intersections.
  6. The default is when the Transportation Department crews are doing snow removal, in the Downtown, they will remove these piles.
  7. The secondary plan is when there is not enough snow for street removal the Clean Streets Crew will contact the Transportation Department and when an evening crew is available and time allows, they will remove the stockpiled snow.
  8. Laneways are not normally part of the snow removal program as it is not a budgeted item and normally the City does not have a mandate to clear them. The Transportation Operations Department will assess each lane when necessary such as after a major storm or prolonged snowfall when it becomes impossible for solid waste removal to take place.