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Heritage Management Plan Update

About the current Heritage Management Plan

The City of Lethbridge's current Heritage Management Plan was adopted in 2007. This was the first time the City had implemented a comprehensive and ongoing program to identify and manage heritage resources. The Plan set out a number of recommendations and options for the creation of a heritage program, and this program has gone through some piecemeal evolution and expansion in the years since.   

About the Heritage Management Plan Update Project

The aim of the project to update the Heritage Management Plan (HMP) is to incorporate an inclusive vision of heritage within our community and region.

Following the work of the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan Compliance Initiative (SSRPCI) - particularly the Environment and Historic Resources Strategy and Traditional Knowledge and Use Assessment - as well as the City of Lethbridge & Lethbridge Indigenous Sharing Network Reconciliation Implementation Plan 2017-2027, this project envisions updates to the Heritage Management Plan to better encompass Indigenous heritage within Lethbridge's municipal boundaries.

City Council's Strategic Plan 2017-2021 includes the relevant guiding principle: "Engaging all voices: We will have constructive, meaningful conversations with our public and will encourage residents to take an active role in their community." Further, the strategic goal of "Compassionate Community" includes the sub-goal: "Enrich our community through diversity and inclusivity: develop shared leadership with our Indigenous community to develop local solutions toward reconciliation in our community."

The Reconciliation Implementation Plan (2017) recommends, as a potential City action, an update of the city's Heritage Management Plan "to incorporate policy language that specifically addresses Indigenous heritage." This should include:

i.) Guiding principles (or similar) and protocol for identification, assessment, preservation, interpretation and commemoration of Indigenous heritage sites (including cultural landscapes), as well as provisions that address continued access and use of designated sites by Indigenous peoples; and

ii.) Proper protocol for municipal designations that include Indigenous heritage sites."

Beyond Indigenous heritage, the most recent update to the City of Lethbridge Heritage Survey (2016-2017) highlighted that the current HMP has limited consideration for heritage identification and management beyond the level of individual sites. The updated HMP will include consideration for cultural landscapes, districts and areas. There will also be consideration given as to how to incorporate these broader notions of heritage within land use and parks planning processes.

The updated HMP may also begin to explore ways to identify, celebrate and protect other "under-represented" stories within the community's heritage portfolio, including those of women, visible minorities and other equity-seeking groups.

As of fall 2021, best practice review work is underway, and Indigenous collaboration sessions are planned for late 2021/early 2022. Public engagement on the draft updated HMP is anticipated to take place in spring/early summer 2022

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For more information on this project, contact the project manager:
Ross Kilgour, Senior Community Planner