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Integrated Growth Management Strategy

The Integrated Growth Management Strategy (IGMS) examined the surface and sub-surface physical qualities and characteristics of the lands currently within the City that are outside any defined Area Structure Plan boundaries, those lands within the City and County that are subject to the current Intermunicipal Development Plan policies, and those that may be influenced by initiatives such as the Canamex Highway (Province of Alberta). The examination included natural and man-made constraints to the potential future development of lands to their highest use and/or the consideration of said lands as municipal or environmental reserve. The examination took account of current infrastructure and provide recommendations as to logical extensions of such infrastructure.


The IGMS will: 

  • Serve as a link between the vision-based outcomes defined by Municipal Development Plans and the current patterns of developments that are in place or planned within the Study area;
  • Suggest areas that will support both County and City growth needs and/or areas where efforts might be considered for County/City partnership arrangements; and
  • Serve as an important input into Intermunicipal Development Plan policy discussions, proposed Area Structure Plans, and development in the City and County of Lethbridge.


Work on the IGMS project has now been completed. With the IDP now complete and adopted by Bylaw by Lethbridge City Council and Lethbridge County Council the IGMS is now available.

Key Contact:
Tyson Boylan
Community Planner
Phone: 403-320-3928