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Jane's Walk 2018 Festival


Jane's Walk: Lethbridge - Whatever interests you about your City, there's a Jane's Walk for you!


​ ​What is Jane’s Walk?

Jane’s Walk takes place in many cities around the world. Everyone is welcome to join in a free walk exploring the history and stories that shape our everyday urban experience. Through the simple act of walking together and discussing what makes a neighbourhood, Jane’s Walk helps knit people together into strong and resourceful communities.
Held annually on the first weekend of May, the event was created in 2007 in Toronto by friends of the urban thinker Jane Jacobs. In 2017, Lethbridge will host 13 walks in all corners of the City. Get out and walk and explore your city with fresh eyes and a curious mind.

 ​Would you like to lead a Jane's Walk?

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 Jane's Walks on Friday, May 4th

Downtown Public Art Jane's Walk - 2:00 PM  @ Rotary Square at Casa (230-8th St South)   

Guided tour of installed public art works throughout Downtown Lethbridge. Join to learn the background of the public art in our downtown core! 

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Coulee Plant Communities - 3:30 to 4:30 PM  @ Helen Schuler Nature Centre      

Have you ever wondered about the diversity of plants in Lethbridge’s coulees? 

Join us to explore grassland plants and how topography influences plant communities. This is a great chance to discover common local wildflowers and grasses found in Lethbridge’s coulees! Please note this walk will go up an unpaved coulee trail with moderate grade.

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Lethbridge's History of Theatres and Theatre Spaces - 4:30 PM  @ Casa (230 8 Street South)     

Take a stroll in downtown and learn about Lethbridge' love of the movies and theatres.

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Jane's Ride - Cycling Through History - 6:30 PM  @ Kiwanis Park (5th St South/ 7A Ave South)   

A great way to kick off summer cycling season! This family-friendly route will cruise down the new Bike Boulevard, around Henderson Lake, and end at Nikka Yuko for tea time, with some of Lethbridge's most knowledgeable folks to give you some history along the way. 

Speaker #1 - Ross Kilgour (City Planner) - the history of London Road
Speaker #2 - Jim Tagg (retired history prof) - Lethbridge tidbits
Speaker #3 - Kevin MacLean (Upper Vic know-it-all) - 7th Ave/15th Street
Speaker #4 - Andrew Chernevych (Galt Museum archivist) - history of Exhibition Park
Speaker #5 - Jane Edmundson (local cool cat curator) - history of Henderson Lake
Speaker #6 - James Phelan (Nikka Yuko) - Japanese Garden history and tea time!

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Uplands Neighbourhood Jane’s Walk: Into the Legacy Regional Park  - 6:30 PM  Meeting @ Park's east gate along Uplands Blvd 

Join this walk to get a sneak peek into the currently under construction Legacy Regional Park and explore the featured pathways and amenities that it will offer. The regional park will serve as a major community park similar to Henderson Lake and Nicholas Sheran. Legacy Park is located immediately north of the Uplands Community at 400 Blackwolf Blvd. 

This unique opportunity is possible in coordination with the Parks Department. Dave Ellis, City of Lethbridge Parks Manager, will be the walk leader. You won't want to miss this! 

As the park is an active construction area no open toe shoes will be allowed as well as safety vests will provided. A short safety orientation will be held before the walk. If you have high vis reflective clothing please bring it with you.

Children are welcome, unfortunately no pets will be allowed.

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 Jane's Walks on Saturday, May 5th

Connections and Open Lands: RiverStone Neighbourhood and U of L  -  9:30 AM @ Parking Lot opposite St. Patrick’s Arts School       

The purpose of the walk is to explore the northern portion of RiverStone including the existing open lands between it & the University of Lethbridge.  Topics that may be discussed as a group: Formation of the coulees; Planning concept for RiverStone; Walkability; Wildlife Observation; History of University – Architectural Design; Neighbourhood Meeting Places & Recreation; Neighbourhood Services including Stormwater Management, Transit, Shelters and Commercial Development; Why & how we got to live in RiverStone and/or attend/teach at the University and anything anyone would like to raise.     

General Path: Walk southerly through William Pearce Park, left on RiverPark Blvd. W;  east on Grand River Blvd W to the Stonehaven Dry Pond, north on Pathway around StoneCrest Point to Coulee Viewpoint, westerly to the unnamed Dry Pond, and northerly to the University of Lethbridge by Rattlesnake Corner. Onward through to Tim Horton’s at the U of L Athletics Complex…coffee break if open, Tour of Campus with Devin – return to RiverStone through the Sports fields to RiverStone Blvd W,  return to start point River Green Road W & St. Patrick’s. Open to all including non-residents, students, mobile individuals & their friendly dogs on leash!  

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Swamps, Sloughs and Stately Homes - 10:00 AM  @ Crazy Cakes (1102 5 Ave South) 

Ever wondered about the foundation of London Road Neighborhood? Join this walk to discover the interesting geological aspects of London Road and a few of the amazing historic homes that are grounded upon it. 

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Look Before You Cross: 15th Street South’s Seen & Unseen Heritage  -  2:00 PM @ Cuppers Coffee & Tea - 1502 - 3rd Ave. S.

On the eve of World War One, Fifteenth Street - south of the tracks - was the leading edge of Lethbridge’s eastern development. Its status as an early community street and its location for early homes makes it rich ground for neighbourhood life and stories. This year’s walk participants will – among other things - learn about 15th Street’s architecture; see evidence of the origins of Lethbridge’s door-to-door mail service; discover neighbourhood connections to a short-lived, local outlaw motorcycle club and hear how one neighbourhood church opened its doors and its heart to German immigrants after World War Two.  With notable speakers, special access and a reputation for a memorable experience…this is one Lethbridge Jane’s Walk that you won’t want to miss. 

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If you have any questions, please contact Genesis at: or 403-329-7392