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Municipal Development Plan

Municipal Development Plan


In Alberta, it is required by the Province that all municipalities adopt a Municipal Development Plan to guide strategic growth.

Lethbridge's current Municipal Development Plan (Integrated Community Sustainability Plan/ Municipal Development Plan, 2010), or ICSP/MDP, has guided the city's growth and development over the past 10 years.

The role of a Municipal Development Plan in Lethbridge is to set a vision and policy guidance for the City to improve residents' quality of life, to meet the community's changing needs, to foster a prosperous local economy, and to grow in a responsible manner for years to come.

The ICSP/MDP has helped shape how our community has developed and evolved years and many milestones have been achieved, including the recently surpassed milestone of 100,000 population. The ICSP/MDP has also supported a number of community projects, some of which include the following:

  • Legacy Park
  • CASA
  • Helen Schuler Nature Centre
  • Tecconnect Centre
  • ATB Centre
  • Transportation and Cycling Master Plans
  • River valley pathways network

Since the current ICSP/MDP was approved in 2010, the needs of the community have continued to change, and for this reason it has been updated to provide relevant and current citywide strategic policy guidance for the future. The updated MDP is known as the Municipal Development Plan, and it must receive approval from Council in order for it to replace the ICSP/MDP.

Updated Municipal Development Plan, Bylaw 6265

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) has been assigned Bylaw 6265 and has been submitted to be reviewed and considered for approval by Council.

The MDP carries forward the vision statement and outcomes established in the existing Integrated Community Sustainability Plan / Municipal Development Plan (ICSP/MDP, adopted 2010), while making improvements through the addition of more detailed and measurable policy directions, and a more robust framework for implementation and performance measurement.

The updated MDP provides guidance that will have a big impact in our community and there is an opportunity for you to share your feedback with Council.

The Municipal Development Plan is available here:  Municipal Development Plan.

Municipal Development Plan Drafting Process

The MDP was drafted over the course of two years, and it builds on multiple other studies, strategies and plans completed by administration over the past decade.

The MDP project began in January 2019 with a Council workshop hosted to discuss the scope and expectations in reviewing the ICSP/MDP. Council recognised that the ICSP/MDP included many elements still relevant today and directed administration to review and update the existing plan rather than writing an entirely new one, while focusing on certain areas for improvement such as the economy and Indigenous relationships. In addition to these two topics, the project team identified future growth and housing as topics that could better reflect the community needs and perspectives.

Public engagement was conducted in alignment with Council's direction to only update where necessary. The specific topic areas that were brought to stakeholders and the public for their feedback included: local economy, Indigenous relationships, future growth, and housing.

In addition to the specific topics explored with stakeholders and the public, general online engagement was completed on all the topics that make up the MDP: places, community well-being, arts culture and heritage, environment, utilities and servicing, relationships, housing, and local economy.

The engagement report is available here: What We Heard Report.

Council Engagement Sessions

In addition to the Engagement carried our by administration, Council carried out engagement sessions targeting stakeholder groups; these were hosted during the October and November Community Issues Committee meetings. Visit the Council meetings below to listen to the discussion.

Policy Topics: Local Economy & Arts Culture, and Heritage - October 26, 2020

Policy Topics: Housing, Places & Environment - November 9, 2020

Policy Topic: Relationship - December 7, 2020

Council Updates

Over the course of the project, Council has been updated periodically on the project timeline and milestones, document structure and components, policy topics, and public engagement. Visit the Council meetings below to listen to the discussion.

Project Plan and Scope Confirmation - May 13, 2029

Community Engagement Strategy - June 24, 2019

Progress Update - December 2, 2019

Progress Update -June 22, 2020

Engagement Summary - September 21, 2020

Providing Feedback to Council

The MDP, Bylaw 6265, will receive first reading on February 9th; the public hearing is scheduled for March 29th to April 1st; and second and third reading will be scheduled at a later date.

The purpose of the first reading is to introduce the MDP, Bylaw 6265, to Council and the public. The purpose of the public hearing is for Council to listen to the public's feedback and ask clarifying questions. Changes to the MDP, Bylaw 6265, may be made during second and third reading. 

Members of the public and community stakeholders are encouraged to share their feedback on the MDP, Bylaw 6265, during the public hearing for Council's consideration.

To provide feedback: please visit the public hearing webpage.


Key Contacts: 

Tyson Boylan
Senior Community Planner
Phone: 403-320-3928

Genesis Hevia Orio
Community Planner II
Phone: 403-329-7392