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Environmental and Historic Resource Strategy


With a population that is expected to pass 100,000 in the next 3 years, and a strong, diverse and stable economy, Lethbridge will continue to grow. While growth may be inevitable, how that growth impacts the environmental and historic resources found within and beyond our City is not.

The Environmental and Historic Resources Strategy (EnvS) looks at the relationship between land use and environmental and historic resources. EnvS creates an inventory and health assessment for key resource sites and identifies best practices and tools for protecting sites through physical, legislative and educational methods. EnvS asks key questions, such as: Where are the significant environmental and historic resources located within our City? How do we ensure the protection of these sites into the future? How do Climate Change and cumulative effects influence planning and decision-making?

Upcoming Engagement Opportunities

Each strategy is a comprehensive undertaking. It requires the co-ordination of many city business units and requires input from several stakeholder groups and the community at large. See the Public Participation Plan to the learn more about future engagement opportunities. 

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Progress updates of each strategy will be provided through the project website ( as well as through a monthly e-newsletter. To receive project e-newsletters, email to sign up.

EnvS has three main phases.

Phase 1: Preliminary Background Report (Draft completed; see available documents below)

Phase 2: Baseline Data Assessment (in progress)

Phase 3: Goals, Road Map and Implementation (expected to commence Fall 2016)

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